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Paper Hanging

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Paper Hanging Equipment 

These are the Elm Workspace paper hanging accessories available in the online store to let you safely and securely hang your information in covered poster boards and display units. This is also where you can find items which let you hang paper being used in meetings and presentations. Take a look at the various options and make displaying your printed or written information easy.

A simple office paper hanging system lets you easily hang small pieces of information, notes, drawings and other pieces of paper in an instant. These ingenious devices are simple to fix to your wall and they are even simpler to use. Single sheets of paper can be slid into the holder and are instantly on display. This protects your walls from damage when having to use drawing pins or wall coverings being damaged through blue tack and tape. Multiple paper hanging rails can be installed onto the same wall for easy creation of larger displays, including on several heights to create complete wall coverings. This is great for school displays, drying artwork in a design studio and for showing concept plans to colleagues or clients in the office.

Without these paper hanging systems, you will have to manually hold the paper on display or use a more static system such as covered in poster boards and frames. These items are great for more permanent or longer-term paper hanging requirements, as opposed to during a presentation, pitch or interview. They protect your printed items from passing traffic and damage. They’re a reliable and popular display unit.

If you would like to discuss the ways in which you can use paper hanging rails and other systems in your office, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team. Our furniture experts here at Elm Workspace have years of experience and are more than happy to help.